ESPN Fantasy Games for Verizon FiOS

ESPN wanted to extend the reach of their fantasy games to the robust Verizon FiOS widget platform. ESPN chose their three most popular fantasy games and asked Ensequence to come up with a portal from which subscribers could log in and play along on TV.  

Viewers entering the ESPN Fantasy Games portal were able to choose between the three games available. Each game required a login which would pull up the user's account and team(s) per league.

This experience was available to all Verizon FiOS customers. 

ESPN Tournament Challenge

This full screen experience allowed users to create, edit and view results for their Tournament Challenge account. The brackets were open for a short time as teams were ranked and closed shortly before the first tipoff. This experience used Verizon's color coded buttons as well as remote navigation to cycle through regions and rounds. 

ESPN Streak for the Cash

Streak for the Cash​ is a complex pick'em game that challenges a user to create the longest winning streak by selecting an event among an array of sporting events happening soon. This application required an efficient navigation system to mimic a complicated array of options as events become unavailable and entries are correct/incorrect. 

ESPN Fantasy Football

In Fantasy Football, users ​were able to browse through their various leagues/teams, edit a roster and view the leaderboard in each league. Stats were updated in real time allowing the user to follow the progress of their team each sunday.