HBO Boxing Interactive

HBO wanted to enhance its boxing program with an interactive experience. They wanted to take advantage of content they already generate such as punch counts and polling, and expose that to the TV audience in a way that would create industry excitement. We analyzed a boxing match from start to finish and created a multi-stage app that would change depending on the focus of the viewer. 

Creative Direction

Respecting the Viewer

Interactive TV can be an intrusive medium, obstructing vital screen real estate at key moments. With HBO Boxing, we wanted to present relevant content at key points during a bout, and allow viewers display flexibility so they can stay engaged when the fists fly.  Pre-fight content focused on match info and overall fight poll questions. In-fight content had round by round stats and polling with an opportunity to minimize the app and expand the screen size. Post fight content promoted the next fight and delivered final stats and poll results. 

Though we completed a stand alone demo application, this app never made it to production.