HBO Interactive Upgrade | Verizon FiOS and Dish

HBO wanted to increase subscriptions across multiple distributors. Ensequence created interactive applications that tease viewers with current HBO offerings to entice them to subscribe. The applications made it easy to convert new subscribers by presenting a direct link to subscribe using the remote. Ensequence was able to capture and deliver user engagement data directly to the HBO so they can gauge success.   

Creative Direction

HBO Instant Upgrade for Verizon

The HBO Preview experience utilized a variety of Verizon remote buttons to accentuate the experience. FF and Rew buttons cycled the user through categories while the left and right buttons cycled the user through thumbnails and relevant content. Fixed focus navigation kept the viewer's attention on the inset video preview.

This application was available to  all 5+Million Verizon FiOS subscribers. 

HBO Instant Upgrade for Dish

The Dish platform's low bandwidth applications require an efficient design if brand quality expectations are to be met. Viewers had three video previews to choose from, and never two clicks away from an upgrade.


This application was available to  all 12+Million Dish subscribers.